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June 18, 2004
Special Feature:
Religion and Politics
Radio Theater Parody from Jim Matus

Jim Matus, founding member of the Connecticut-based music group, Paranoise, talks about his music and lets New Focus air his latest radio "rant."
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June 11, 2004 Iraq: Follow the $$$.

William Hartung
on how how private companies and Bush's Friends are making $BILLIONS off the Iraq war and how the Bush strategy is all about privatizing Iraq's assets.
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May 28, 2004 Venezuela: Waiting for the (Next) Coup.

Debra James,
of the Venezuela Information Office talks about the the recent coup attempt and the ongoing recall movement against President Hugo Chavez.  The Venezuela Information Office is an independent consulting firm funded by the Venezuelan Embassy.
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May 13 and May 21, 2004 Greg Palast

Greg Palast
, author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, gave a speech at the University of Hartford on May 03.
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This is a Two-Part Program.
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May 07, 2004: Renewable Energy Options and the Hazards of the Current Energy System.

Judy Friedman, of People's Action for Clean Energy.
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April 30, 2004 Greg Palast

BBC journalist Greg Palast is Mike's guest in a preview of an upcoming event in Hartford, CT.|
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April 23, 2004: Welcome to the Machine: Why a Voter-Verified Paper Ttrail is needed on all new computerized voting booths.

 Rebecca Mercuri, noted computer scientist and electronic voting expert.
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April 18, 2004: 9-11 Commission and the Shredding of the Bill of Rights.

Lara Flint
, lead council for the Center for Democracy and Technology on the uses of 9-11 to shred the Bill of Rights.
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April 02, 2004 Mad Cow, USA

John Stauber, author of Mad Cow, USA, talks about what we aren't doing about Mad Cow Disease in the US.
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March 26, 2004 Richard Sitcha, Detainee

Albert Marceau and Lorena Dutell on how a Cameroonian exile has been imprisoned by US Homeland Security.
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March 12, 2004 Bush's Agenda: Militarization and Undermining Democracy

Carol Miller
, health care activist and Green Party leader from New Mexico.
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February 29, 2004: How the U.S. is Destabilizing Venezuela's democratically elected government.

Eva Golinger, attorney and activist, on the extent of US involvement in attempts to remove President Chavez from power in Venezuela.
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February 20, 2004: Why Not Dennis Kucinich?
Primary Politics in Connecticut

Will Diaz, Local Coordinator for Dennis Kucinich for President, talks about Kucinich's campaign and why he's superior to the other Democratic candidates.
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February 13, 2004: Iraq's New Labor Movement

David Bacon, Labor Analyst, on how the Bush Administration is lotting Iraq, selling off assets to US corporations, and undermining the nascent labor movement in Iraq.
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January 16 & January 23, 2004: The Buying of the President

Author Charles Lewis talks about which corporate interests are buying which candidates, and what exactly  campaign contributors are getting for their patronage.
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> Listen to Part 1 (January 16, 2004).
> Listen to Part 2 (January 23, 2004).

Dec 12, 2003  Undercounting Unemployment

Helen Ginsberg
, an economist from Brooklyn College, talks about why the official unemployment data vastly underestimate the total number of unemployed.
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Nov 21, 2003 What Happened on 9/11? Beverly Eckert, from Voices of September 11th, a victims advocacy group, talks about what really happened on 9/11. > Listen now.
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Nov 14, 2003 Solar Energy Judy Friedman, talks about solar power and clean energy. >Listen now.

Nov 07, 2003 War and Peace  David Ionno, a veteran of the Vietnam War, talks about war, peace and Iraq. >Listen now.

Oct 17, 2003 The Blackout of 200

 Enver Masud
talks about what really happened on August 14, 2003 during the recent electric power Blackout. >Listen now. >

Oct 10, 2003 Privatization Richard Sherman talks about the Strange World of Privatization. 
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July 11, 2003 Censored News: A preview of Greg Palast's Speech at the University of Hartford. >Listen now.

June 13, 2003  The Economy in Crisis Dean Baker >Listen now.

June 02, 2003  FCC Deregulation Website: >Listen now.

May 30, 2003 Black Box Voting Part III Lynn Landes Website: >Listen now.

May 16, 2003 Black Box Voting Part II Rebecca Mercuri Website: Notable Software >Listen now.

May 09, 2003 Black Box Voting Part I Bev Harris Website: >Listen now.

May 02, 2003 Clean Energy Judy Friedman >Listen now.

April 25th, 2003 Greg Palast
April 18th, 2003 >Website: >Part One: Listen now. >Part Two: Listen now

April 11, 2003  The Decline of Journalism Mark Crispin Miller >Link: TV: The Nature of the Beast. >Listen now.

April 04, 2003  US-Iraq History Jim Vallette >Link: Crude Vision (PDF). >Listen now.

March 28, 2003 Media Blackout of Dissent During War Steve Rendall >Listen now.

March 19, 2003 Venezuela and Iraq, Current Case Studies in US Foreign Policy Mark Weisbrot
>Website: >Listen now.

February 27, 2003 The Case for Preemptive Impeachment Francis Boyle >Listen now.

January 03, 2003 Jim Valette on Halliburton and Dick Cheney > Listen Now

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